Black Soybean onlineshop in Japan, and dedicated to serving healthy and delicious “Kuromame”.

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Tea that is made of only the finest Iseki’s black beans

Mr.Iseki`s pure black soybean tea


We received very positive comments from our customers!
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Posted by M.T. Age 35 from Sakai City (female)
I used to buy the tea in bulk at a grand hotel, since I really enjoyed it when I first had it there. When I saw your product on the Internet, I thought, “That`s it!!” and bought a lot of it. It’s so tasty just like the one I had in the hotel. I will continue to buy your tea. Thank you.

Posted by Mrs.Keiko Otani Age 68 From Wakarama
I started drinking the black bean tea about 3 years ago when my friend recommended it and told me that it is delicious and makes my blood circulate well.
I drink it cold in summer. Thanks to your tea, my knees don’t hurt anymore and I have managed to stay healthy throughout this summer. I also appreciate your quick delivery.
We are sure you are at least a little interested in black bean tea if you are reading this. We would love to explain what black tea is, especially to those who have never heard of the tea. We, however, decided to introduce opinions directly from our customers all over the country. This may sound like bragging, but we must say

“Our black bean tea is very tasty and good for your health, and is loved by everyone”.

Hello, everyone!!

My name is Keisuke Inoue, and I’m working on Kuromame Japan.
Thank you very much for visiting our website!!

To tell you the truth, we once considered closing down our business because of the bad harvest of the black beans a few years ago.

It was then our customer persuaded us not to do so.
He asked us if we were really making the right decision and also told us to think about our customers who love our product.

In the following year, our black bean tea started to be introduced in many places.
A lot of people tried our tea, and many of them have become our repeat customers.

Thank you all for your support.
Please try our delicious and healthy black bean tea!!

Mr.Iseki`s pure black soybean tea

Natural black beans are made into a refreshing aromatic tea, by roasting them well by far infrared rays.The tea is slightly sweet, and has the distinctive, subtle fragrance and flavor of the black soy beans.


In Arima Onsen (Arima Hotspring), the tea is served in a cup before and after the bath. I personally think the tea tastes best after the bath. I love gulping down the icy cold black bean tea after taking a long bath!!


The tea has an excellent taste and is currently the most popular product in our shop. It is especially loved by many young women.


The third owner of the black soybean farm, Keisuke Inoue

Of course, the tea is made only from black beans. We strongly recommend you regularly drink this “black bean tea” as soon as possible! Persistence is power!!!!!


■Boil a kettle for one pack (600ml)
■Can also be served cold
■Exquisite taste with a hint of sweetness

Mr.Iseki`s pure black soybean tea
Inoue’s black tea is good for various occasions.
・For your important customers
・When you want to relax in your tatami room
・For your classy tea time with your friends

Mr.Iseki`s pure black soybean tea

Mr.Iseki`s pure black soybean tea tea bag type (10g x 10 bags) 1 package

■Item No.:0725
■Net.:10g x 10 bags

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Mr.Iseki`s pure black soybean tea

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