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Dried black beans

Dried black beans


He most popular product in our store. Less sugar with slight sweetness and great texture.
Dried black beans

I can’t believe that I’m so…

I can’t believe that I’m so into “Dried black beans”…
I’m really surprised myself! A friend mine first gave it to me. I started to try it and then… so quickly!
(K.M Nagoya-city)

So many people have been addicted to it like K.M.!

“Dried black beans” has become one of our most popular product that uses black beans.

It doesn’t look that sweet, does it?

….Well, but!!! It is made with less sugar and lightly sweetened.
It takes a little longer to make the beans dry and less sweeter, compared to some ordinary amanatto (Japanese traditional confectionery made of beans, covered with refined sugar after simmered with sugar syrup and dried).
Now please read the rest of the story of K.M.

The rest of the comments made by K.M.
…. I just started eating it without giving it much thought, and then I just finished the whole bag within seconds!
I actually ordered it for myself the very next day!!!
I really like that unexplainable texture and a slight sweetness. I’ve started to enjoy the black bean tea and black bean extract at the same time. I think beans are healthy. My parents were really happy when I sent it to them.
I haven’t tried other black bean products, but I’m thinking about trying out other black bean products as well, as I love eating.

I’m 21 years old, and love Japanese sweets more than cakes and cookies….
I used to love amanatto, but I got bored because I ate it every single day.
I really wished there wasn’t so much sugar around the beans, so I searched something like that on the Internet, and finally found this Dried black beans!It’s great. It’s too tasty.
It’s lightly sweetened, and the taste of beans is very distinct. Most of all, the beans are huge! I have to be careful because I can easily eat a couple of packages without any problems. I ate it little by little because I wanted to save it as long as possible. Thank you very much!!!!

It has an excellent taste and is currently the most popular product in our store.
It is especially loved by many young women. This indescribable texture is irresistible.
The product was officially recognized in Hyogo in June of 2002


The choice of black beans.
Once you taste them, you’ll crave them forever! New type of amanatto that heralds its next generation of beans with a new manufacturing method. The beans are less sweeter as we use less sugar and also take more time to make the beans dry, compared to some ordinary amanatto The black beans with a strikingly rich flavor will change the general idea about black beans.

This is one of the products we would like you to try.
Once you taste them, you’ll crave them forever! This product brings out the maximum flavor of the beans. It is made only from sugar and black beans. It’s good when served with yogurt.

Black bean extract(100g)1 bag

Dried black beans(100g) 1 bag

■Item No.:0652

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Black bean extract

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